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SOS water (part of Water Tech trading) offers technologies that can provide mobile sustainable water, community water and emergency water. Photo: Water Tech Trading.
All systems are adaptable to needs as basic infrastructure or portable water systems. Photo: Water Tech Trading.

TRUNZ WATER SYSTEMS is a designer and manufacturer of water purification equipment for use in remote and harsh environments. Their designs incorporate a unique combination of advanced (membrane) filtration technologies and renewable energy sources. As the systems generate their own power supply for water purification it is a preferred choice for “off-grid” remote areas. The combination of sustainable independent power generation and robust (SWISS quality) components makes it an ideal solution for Drinking Water Shortages in harsh areas.

Through Water Tech Trading, SOS water represents the heart of our company. This is where we try to make a difference by providing water in need. With simple mobile units and a strong will to help, we ensure fresh water is available in calamity regions that lack clean water. Please join us in making this possible.

TRUNZ WATER SYSTEMS is the preferred choice for the harshest conditions with over 700 water purification units in service worldwide. Notably for the following applications:

Field tests, development, and support by a local partner(s) are crucial to the successful operation of systems over time. Therefore, next to raw water source analysis, these are part of the system design and selection. Depending on the quality of the raw water source, the filtration technology is adapted to either ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis.

Technical features

  • Powered by photovoltaic and/or wind generators (battery buffered)
  • Highly reliable and easy to install in an hour
  • Exceptionally energy efficient and low maintenance
  • Versatile: purifies fresh, brackish and seawater to drinking water
  • Robust and fit-for-purpose
  • “Spare” buffered-energy is available for applications, i.e. mobile phones


The dimensions vary per unit, for exact dimensions please contact us or look on our website:


  • Ideal for off-the-road areas where no infrastructure is present
  • Products are supported by local agents in order to never have down time, any product claiming not to need maintenance will be out of order within no time
  • TRUNZ WATER SYSTEMS work locally to ensure that water shops are successfully launched and set up for a viable future

Videos, links and news

Drinking water for hurricane
victims in Mexico 2010

To inquire about or purchase from TRUNZ WATER SYSTEMS

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