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This Survey Library is organized into two shelves:
Shelf 1. Standards: development sector standards that guide the design of standardized surveys.
Shelf 2. Surveys: standardized surveys ready for your adaptation and use.

Standards assist you in gathering, understanding, and using high quality data for decision making. When you and other organizations use a common standard in addition to the same standardized survey, the data generated is comparable across different cultural and geographical contexts.

Standards & Surveys
Standards: WASH & Health
Surveys: WASH & Health

What are Sector Standards?

A standard, also known as a sector standard or data standard, is an accepted reference of principle that may be used for measurement and comparison. Development sector standards set forth systems for measuring, monitoring and reporting on indicators related to program outputs, outcomes and results. Organizations may utilize standards to generate and compare data across different cultural and geographical contexts. The Survey Library is a place where you may learn about which standards are used in your sector, and then select a standardized survey to collect data that may be used for comparable analysis and visualization.

Inventories of sector standards are presented on Shelf 1. Once you select a standard off the shelf, you may begin exploring the standard’s key information within the Standard Specification Form (SSF). Each SSF contains the following information:

  • Sector
  • Creator
  • What the standard measures
  • Priority indicators
  • Link to SDGs
  • Key users of the standard
  • How users analyze data
  • How users act on data
  • How users create reports aligned with the standard
  • Where users submit reports
  • Languages in which standard is available
  • Standardized survey templates (available for adaptation and use)
  • Link to Standardized Survey Profile form (SSP)
  • Standardized data visualization dashboards
  • Source

What are Standardized Surveys?

A standardized survey contains questions designed to examine indicators defined by a standard. When standardized surveys are conducted across different cultural and geographical contexts, the data produced may be comparable. On Shelf 2, the Survey Library’s contemporary inventory of standardized surveys is presented, organized by sector. Upon selecting a survey off the shelf, you will be directed to the survey’s Standardized Survey Profile form (SSP), which contains the key information you need in order to decide if the survey will be useful to your data needs:
  • Sector
  • Creator
  • Date survey was last updated
  • Current version of the survey
  • Languages in which survey is available
  • Hard copy of survey
  • Excel version of survey
  • Link to Standard Specification Form (SSF)
  • A digitized version in Akvo Flow for your immediate adaptation and use
  • Source