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Pupils and teachers

Country: Bolivia

Chiquipampa, Education Unit committed to promoting healthy practices

Basic information:

Chiquipampa Educational Unit is located in the municipality of San Pedro de Buena Vista (SPBV) Department of Potosi. It is one that participates in the implementation of the project for the Promotion of Safe Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in Community.

The aim of the project was "Contributing to the improvement of health status related to safe, hygiene and sanitation of the population and water particularly children in the communities of the municipality of SPBV".

The empowerment develops the SODIS Foundation since 2012 with financial support from Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation.

The project and the experiences:

Handwash teaching

As part of the action plan developed by teachers and students participating in the project, educational units had to install places of safe water and hand washing. For Chiquipampa this process took longer, due to the loss and the destruction of pools. However, the technical team of the Foundation continued to driven and to seek other alternatives to avoid these incidents, reiterating the importance of handwashing in two key moments: before eating and after going the bathroom.

In a conducted tour the positive changes were evident; the saving basins were installed in some courses and the rest were in the courtyard. Each course had its identified pool with a sign and had its hand soap. To avoid being destroyed by others, a hedge of thorns at the main entrance of the unit have been put.

During the monitoring by the technical team it carried out, that the activities taking place in the educational units generating greater ownership of healthy practices; both for teachers and for children.

The key lesson of the story:

"To avoid confusion with loss and saving basins, each course put his pool and a sign indicating the course corresponded." (Prof. Calixto Gutierrez. U.E. Chiquipampa)

"He put the saving pools in the course, to prevent its destruction and loss." (Prof. Carmen Mamani. U.E. Chiquipampa)

Contribution to the SuSanA sustainability criteria

Health and Hygiene: a greater ownership of healthy practices is achieved between teachers and children, too.

Project details

Type of project: Promotion of Safe Water, Sanitation and Hygiene with Community Empowerment

Drinking water

Project period: 2012 - current

Start of operation: 2012

Project scale: recently 78 schools in Bolivia

Address of project location: Municipality of San Pedro de Buena Vista (SPBV) Potosí Department

Planning institution: SODIS Foundation

Executing institution: SODIS Foundation

SODIS Foundation: organization that has extensive experience in the treatment of household water and educational units in 7 countries in Latin America (Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and El Salvador) and process development participation and community empowerment related to water, hygiene and sanitation. It also has scientific and technical support from the Swiss Federal Institute for Environmental Science and Technology (EAWAG) through its Department of Water and Environmental Sanitation (SANDEC) and the Centre for Water and Sanitation (CASA) of the Universidad Mayor de San Simon of Cochabamba.

Financially supporting agency: HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation

HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation is a development organisation anchored in Switzerland. Their vision is a just world in which all men and women determine the course of their lives in dignity and security, using environmental resources in a sustainable manner.

Generally technically supporting agencies: Swiss Federal Institute for Environmental Science and Technology, (EAWAG) through its Department of Water and Environmental Sanitation (SANDEC); Centre for Water and Sanitation, (CASA) of the Universidad Mayor de San Simon of Cochabamba.


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Daniela Silva Soto

Elsa Sánchez Montaño

Directora Ejecutiva


Tel. +591 4 4461082 Fax: +591 4 4461079

Móvil: +591 77766770

Jack London Nro 483 y William Shakespeare, Casilla 325, Cochabamba – Bolivia