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February 16, 2016
Improved irrigation backed to halve food gap
If all farmers adopted well-known water management methods, global food production could expand as much as 41 per cent, scientists have shown.
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November 12, 2015
Data for Good, Water for Life: On the Community Water Management Day in Latin America and Benetech Labs’ Clean Water App
Imagine living without being connected to water mains and sewer lines. In Latin America, where access to water and sanitation services is highly unequal, approximately 70 million people experience this reality every day. To have safe drinking water and live with dignity, they depend on more than 80,000 community-based water and sanitation providers, locally known as OCSAS (Organizaciones Comunitarias del Agua y Saneamiento), who mostly provide their services pro bono. On September 14, Latin American communities recognized OCSAS and their invaluable work by celebrating Community Water Management Day. This year, they have an additional reason to celebrate: thanks to a partnership with Benetech, OCSAS are now better positioned to improve their services.
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October 29, 2015
Latin Americans turn to Israel for water rehabilitation
Israel’s agricultural technologies continue to attract new interest from around the world. Most recently, 24 experts from 10 Latin America countries took part in a water resources management course run by the CINADCO-Center for International Agricultural Development Cooperation and MASHAV.
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September 1, 2015
Latin America Trend Series: Water Crisis Challenges Business as Usual, Spurs Innovation
Specifically in Latin America, several successive years of drought and other climate-related disruptions have made this issue a priority on the region’s political and business agendas. The continent’s ongoing water crisis has greatly affected power supply leading to cuts in hydropower production and increasing reliance on fossil fuels. The region is confronting these challenges and responding to the crisis with innovations from the private sector.
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March 25, 2015
Latin America Sanitation Company Goes with ProMark
Improving water management, recovering lost revenue and improving the quality of the customer experience is a priority for SABESP, Spectra Precision said. To help improve revenue generation and reduce water loss, SABESP developed two projects: LigGeo, to geo-reference the water meter location of approximately 4.8 million SABESP customers; and CadGeo, to geo-reference and register the location of the SABESP water and sewage network infrastructure.