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February 2016
Alstom Foundation will finance 9 projects in Latin America
The Alstom Foundation will support 18 new projects worldwide this year. Among them, 50% are in Latin America, in countries as Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Peru and Venezuela.
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November 13, 2015
Rainwater Harvesting in São Paulo, Brazil
São Paulo is a city suffering from a chronic water crisis, what some are calling “hydric collapse” as the city experiences a record three year low in rainfall, with 2014 being a record-breaking drought. And due to deforestation around the city, when it does rain, it can turn into violent torrents that end up not filling reservoirs but causing other problems. This has made life for people in the city extremely difficult.
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October 20, 2015
Going local to solve Mexico City's water crisis
Mexico City's creaking water infrastructure is a public health hazard and environmental disaster. Flooding and water shortages are commonplace. But grassroots movements are harnessing rainwater to ease the crisis.
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April 14, 2015
This Water-Harvesting Billboard Doubles As An Urban Farm
When city soil is too polluted to grow fresh vegetables, there may be another way to practice urban farming: Build a hydroponic greenhouse on a billboard. In Lima, Peru, an experimental billboard sucks humidity out of the air to water plants through system of drip-irrigated pipes, making it possible to grow thousands of heads of lettuce in a week.
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May 31, 2012
Amazonian Tribes Try Harvesting Rainwater After Oil Drilling Polluted Their Water
The drilling operations [of oil companies] were pouring pollution in the area’s air and water—so much pollution that last year an Ecuadorian judge ordered Chevron to pay a total $18 billion to a group of 30,000 indigenous people, represented by a coalition of lawyers from Ecuador and North America.