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Vonder rig in action

The Vonder rig is a hand auger method method that uses a heavy tripod, a winch, and a working table. It has been used extensively in Zimbabwe and distributed widely in sub-Saharan Africa. The cutting tool (auger head) is rotated to cut into the ground, and then withdrawn to remove excavated material. This is repeated until the required depth is reached.

The Vonder rig was developed in the early 80's and is manufactured in Zimbabwe.

Suitable conditions

The Vonder rig is suitable for unconsolidated formations: sand, silt and soft clay. Stiff clays, hard materials and gravels are difficult or impossible to drill through and to remove (unless augering is combined with percussion).

Advantages Disadvantages
- Vonder rig ensures a straight borehole
- Tools for vonder rig are more expensive than conventional hand augering tools

- Slow compared with other methods

Construction, operations and maintenance

Diagram of a vonder rig. Credit: WEDC.

The Vonder rig makes use of a tripod and working table and is therefore more expensive than the conventional augering tools. However, use of the worktable and tripod ensure a straight borehole.

Equipment is commercially produced by V&W engineering in Zimbabwe. Local production is possible.


Work table and auger bit.
  • V&W Engineering Ltd, Zimbabwe (49 Leyland Road, P.O.Box 131,Harare). - Produces the Vonder rig.
  • Van Reekum Materials, Netherlands - Drilling equipment, hand auger and percussion drilling
  • Eijkelkamp Agrisearch Equipment, Netherlands - Drilling equipment and manuals on hand auger and percussion gouges.

Field experiences

The vonder rig is widely used in Malawi, Kenya, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Manuals, videos and links

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