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Pureit is popular in India. Photo: Ingredientswizard.com

Pureit purification system is a compact drinking water treatment product suitable for household use. It is developed by the Hindustan Unilever. The core of this system is its unique Germkill Battery Kit which consists of the Compact carbon trap, Germkill processor, and Polisher (shown in the figure). Each of these kits performs a certain treatment method.

Suitable conditions

Advantages Disadvantages
- Equipped with battery life indicator which tells user when the germkill battery is operating and when it is not.

- No use of electricity and chemicals.

- Short lifespan of battery kit.

- Spare parts only available within limited distribution zone

Highly effective for: Somewhat effective for: Not effective for:
- Bacteria

- Viruses

- Protozoa

- Helminths
-Organic substances
- TSS*
- Colour, odour, taste

Treatment process:
filtration and disinfection
Inlet water criteria:
Contaminated fresh water

‘*’Before entering the purifier, highly turbid water needs to be treated through simple sedimentation to avoid premature choking

Construction, operations and maintenance

The parts of a filtration unit. Click on drawing to zoom in.

Firstly, water is poured to the system passing through the micro-fibre mesh which removes visible dirt. Furthermore, the compact carbon trap will remove additional dirt, some parasites and some pesticides. The water then flows into the germkill processor which uses a ‘sustained release chlorine technology’ to kill harmful bacteria and viruses. Finally, the water passes through the polisher which removes odour and improves water clarity.

The top chamber has a capacity of 9 litres, and the transparent chamber has a capacity of 9 litres. This has been designed such that for a typical family, the water has to be filled in the top chamber only once a day. However if more than 9 litres of water is required in a day, you can fill the top chamber as often as necessary and take the corresponding water out of the transparent chamber. The system is also equipped with battery life indicator which will turn red indicating the exhausted power of the Germkill Battery Kit. When this happens, a replacement of all three parts of the kit must be made. It is not recommendable to change only one or two parts of it.

Used, partly used, or unused germkill battery should not be thrown away together with garbage or put into fire, it should be disposed off safely with dry waste.

The Pureit consists of some moving parts which are more susceptible to breakage. A guarantee for the system is available. However, in case of breakage due to falling, the guarantee is no longer valid.


Pureit is manufactured by Hindustan Unilever. It is tested in 3 medical institutions in India; 5 scientific institutions in India; 3 international institutions in UK. The replacement of the battery kit can be obtained either by direct order to the company or buying it at the nearest stores supplied by the manufacturer (Instruction available in the website).

Estimated Lifespan

It is designed to give 1500 litres of water at a water temperature of 25°C, in moderate humidity conditions. The battery life may vary depending on your daily water consumption.

The germkill battery also has expiry date which is two years from the date of the packaging.


Capital cost Operating cost Replacement cost Estimated 5 year cost Cost / metre cubed treated
Rs 2.000 = ~€ 32,18 Rs 365 = € 5,87 / 1500 litres ~US$ 5,34 = € 3,81

Daily use assumption is 20 litres and estimated whole unit lifetime is 10 years.


Phone: 1860-180-1000 or 1860-500-5678