Household and community pumps - Shallow, 0-20m

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Introduction to all Handpumps

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There are many handpumps available for both households and communities. Below are Shallow handpumps, from 0 to 20 meters in depth. Medium, 20-50m, and Deep, 50-100m, pump information is also available. The household-sized handpumps are for smaller groups, and the community ones are more robust and durable for groups up to 300 people. However, keep in mind the following qualities in choosing the right handpump for your situation:

  • Corrosion resistance: Pumps should be corrosion-resistant. Iron taints water and food, stains clothing, and tastes bad.
  • User group: Choose a pump for a small, medium, or large (300 people) group of users.
  • Pumping lift: Depth of the water table determines pump depth. Deeper pumps can be more expensive.
  • Ease of repair: Household repairs require different organisation and maintenance responsibilities than community repairs.
  • Yield, user preference: Users prefer pumps that have a high yield and an attractive look and feel.

Shallow pumps, 0-20m

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No. 6 pump small.jpg
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Small land owners and how they lift water in Africa

Estimates of land area irrigated by small-scale private initiatives in selected countries of sub-Saharan Africa. Chart: IWMI.

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